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Boot Camp Fitness Training (10 Pack)
Description: 60 Minute NextUp bootcamp classes are designed using a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. We will make sure that YOU get that full-body burn you’re looking for! NextUp classes are one hour in length, and will keep you moving from the first minute to the very last. We will be incorporating fitness equipment exercises, as well as body weight exercises into our two sessions that will for sure give YOU that “full-body burn”. NextUp high intensity bootcamp classes focus on building strength and aerobic capacity all at the same time! Expect the unexpected with NextUp’s bootcamp classes, which are for sure to make you sweat, as well as have fun!
Purchase Deadline: January 1, 2025
Full Price: $60.00
Expiration: 6 month(s) from purchase
Package Contains: Camps/Classes:
  10 Boot Camp Fitness Training Camps/Classes