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Arm Care & Velocity for Baseball/Softball - FLEX - 18 Sessions
Description: Our velocity program routinely see averages of 4-6 MPH difference from the beginning to the end of this program. Players build a foundation of power through selected exercises for legs, core, and upper body that will increase power in their throws but equally important will prevent injury and soreness. This strength based program is blended with advice on technique and instruction from our instructors.

Our athletes are BUSY and set camps don't fit everyone's schedules. With the FLEX schedule, the athlete will have the option to schedule and attend 18 DNA Strength classes. Classes are offered 5-6 times per week based on the season. We recommend 3 sessions per week. The package expires 8 weeks after purchase.
Purchase Deadline: December 31, 2019
Full Price: $199.00
Expiration: 8 week(s) from purchase
Package Contains: Camps/Classes:
  18 DNA Strength Camps/Classes