Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Double Eagle - 12 month Golf Membership

By becoming a Double Eagle Golf Member, you will recieve:


  • 10 sixty minute (or 18 holes) of Golf Simulator Play per month
  • Unlimited thirty minute Golf Drving Range rentals per month
  • Unlimited use of the agility/strength and cardio areas
  • 25% off additional golf simulator and driving range rentals 
Standard Duration: 12 months (Open Ended Also Available)
Full Price($): $1560.00
Monthly Price($): $130.00
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
Membership Includes
Location Rentals
Golf Simulator - 60 minutes (10) per month1 per day - Off-peak Only
Golf Driving Area - 30 minutes (31) per month1 per day - Off-peak Only