Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Hitter/Glove Combo Membership

Gives the athlete access to both the Hitter Club and the Glove Club daily. You are able to attend both in the same day.

Hitters Club overview:

 1 hour of group/semi private hitting workouts Monday – Thursday 6p-7p 

 One work out a week focused on data collection and progression 

 Goal is 1 coach for every 6-8 players 

 Workouts will focus on:  

  • Breaking down hitting fundamentals  
  • Tee work 
  • Situational hitting
  • Progression in hitting tryout measurables 

$75 per month gets you up to 16 semi private workouts/ lessons (typical one on one lesson is $50 per hour which would cost $800 per month) 

Monthly membership allows you to go to as many lessons as you are available for.  

Glove Club overview:

1 hour of group/semi private fielding workouts Monday-Thursday 5p-6p 

Monthly membership allows you to go to an unlimited number of workouts per month 

Workouts will focus on: 

  • Overall fielding 
  • Positional drills 
  • Throwing Mechanics
  • Drills designed for enhancing throwing metrics 
Standard Duration: 1 months (Open Ended Also Available)
Full Price($): NA
Monthly Price($): $115.00
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
Membership Includes
16 Glove Club per month1 per day
16 Hitters Club per month1 per day