Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Personal Training-4 sessions per month

For any age athlete

This program is designed for the athlete who wants personal training.  This can be done as an exclusive program or it can be combined with the appropriate group training program.

Each program will be tailored to the goals of the athlete.

Each athlete will be assessed at the beginning of the program.  Performance and progress toward goals will be measured on a regular basis.

Nutrition goals and accountability will be a big part of the program.

These sessions are designed to be 30 minute sessions.  Athletes will be trained on a proper warm up routine and cool down routine.  That way, when they are with the trainer for 30 minutes, it will be to work hard and to accomplish goals.  If your athlete isn't ready to do an independent warm up or cool down routine, then sign up him or her for two back to back 30 minute sessions.

Sessions must be used because they do not carry over to the following month.  All sessions must be scheduled online in advance.

Train with Cody Rainey - top strength and conditioning coach in the area.  He has been working with youth to collegiate athletes for over 5 years!

Standard Duration: 1 months (Open Ended Also Available)
Full Price($): NA
Monthly Price($): $120.00
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
Membership Includes
Strength and Conditioning - 30 minutes (4) per monthNo limit per day - Off-peak Only