Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: 1 YEAR-2 FREE MONTHS if Paid in Full

No Offseason Baseball is offering an HOLIDAY SPECIAL on batting cage memberships as follows: 

  • Grand Slam Plan-$750 for 12 months for unlimited batting cage visits-2 months FREE

Grand Slam Plan Rules

1. Memberships are "family memberships" (mom, dad, kids - no friends).

2.  $10 to bring a friend/$25 to bring a trainer.  Please be honest and always give Chuck the money for a friend or a trainer.  If you "bring you own trainer", the trainer also needs to pay $25 for the privilege of using our facility.  Please only bring one friend per visit.

3.  If another member is waiting for a cage, limit your time to 20 minutes.  

4.  Ask Chuck before using the turf or a field.  

5.  Bring your own "bucket" for turf.

6.  Ask Chuck before using the HitTrax.

7.  Cages are available first come, first served, based on a published schedule.

Standard Duration: 12 months
Full Price($): $750.00
Monthly Price($): NA
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
# of Family Members: Up to 7