Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Batting Cage Membership-9 Months

No Offseason Baseball the following membership program: 

  • Grand Slam Plan-$90/month for 9 months for unlimited batting cage visits

The fees recur each month until the program is paid in full and cannot be terminated early.   

Grand Slam Plan Rules

Grand Slam Plan Rules

1. Memberships are "family memberships" (mom, dad, kids - no friends).

2.  $10 to bring a friend/$25 to bring a trainer.  Please be honest and always give Chuck the money for a friend or a trainer.  If you "bring you own trainer", the trainer also needs to pay $25 for the privilege of using our facility.  Please only bring one friend per visit.

3.  If another member is waiting for a cage, limit your time to 20 minutes.  

4.  Ask Chuck before using the turf or a field.  

5.  Bring your own "bucket" for turf.

6.  Ask Chuck before using the HitTrax.

7.  Cages are available first come, first served, based on a published schedule.

Standard Duration: 9 months
Full Price($): $810.00
Monthly Price($): $90.00
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
# of Family Members: Up to 7