Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Family Membership Add-on

Bring up an additional Family Member for ONLY $15.00 additional per month!  One Family Membership Add-on is required per each additional Family Member.  One tunnel to be used at a time.


*Members will login and register their time on the schedule/planner.  

*Members are provided a key fob or access card for access to the facility during membership hours.  An unique alarm code will also be provided. 

*Entire Facility is under 24/7 video surveillance for your protection - video's are uploaded to the Cloud for The Baseball Lab's protection.

*This allows Members to have additional family to use the same 31 individual 30 minute sessions (15 1/2 hours) for use of the standard training tunnels and you may use 1 per day. This includes all the following based on availability: Hit Trax, pitching machine, balls, protective screen, mound, and tees.

*If a key fob is needed, a $10 one time refundable fee will apply for each card issued.  Refund given upon return of card.


Standard Duration: 1 months (Open Ended Also Available)
Full Price($): $15.00
Monthly Price($): NA
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
Membership Includes
Location Rentals
Any Location - 30 minutes (31) per month1 per day - Off-peak Only