Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: Family Membership

$564 Yearly Membership, payable in monthly installments of $47 over 12 months.

  • 60 Minutes of daily training utilizing our batting cages, pitching lanes as well as our virtual reality training software HitTrax and SmartMitt pitching simulator.

  • 60 Minute Family Group Training Assessment with Director of Instruction Matt Merullo, or another BatterUp! Trainer of your choice.

  • Discounts on any BatterUp! training, merchandise or other purchases.




  • Membership is a yearly commitment, with the option to pay for the membership in 12 monthly installments.  Monthly installments are not the same as a monthly dues that are only payable during months that you are using the facility.

  • Membership credits for cage rentals may not be used to provide private instruction, whether the instruction is paid or unpaid by the member.

  • Membership credits may only be used for the individual or family members listed on the membership.

  • Members are encouraged to bring a guest to train with, who has been registered with the office and has a current waiver on file.

  • Members can reserve cage time online up to three days in advance using our online booking system.

Standard Duration: 12 months
Full Price($): $564.00
Monthly Price($): $47.00
Initiation Fee($): $0.00
Membership Includes
New Member Training Assessment - 60 minutes (1) per monthNo limit per day - Schedule up to 10 days before
Location Rentals
Batting Cages and Pitching Tunnels - 30 minutes (62) per month2 per day - Schedule up to 3 days before