Membership Details

Membership Details
Name: 1 Month


*Members will login and register their time on the schedule/planner.  

*Members are provided a key fob or access card for access to the facility during membership hours.  An unique alarm code will also be provided. 

*Entire Facility is under 24/7 video surveillance for your protection - video's are uploaded to the Cloud for The Baseball Lab's protection.

*Members have 31 individual 30 minute sessions (15 1/2 hours) for use of the standard training tunnels and you may use 1 per day. This includes all the following based on availability: Hit Trax, pitching machine, balls, protective screen, mound, and tees.

*A $10 one time refundable fee will apply for each card issued.  Refund given upon return of card.

*10% off hitting and pitching lessons, all parties, and merchandise.








Any Baseball Lab Member must register online at and then email confirmation to to activate and receive key fob and PERSONAL alarm code.  DO NOT SHARE ALARM CODE OR KEY FOB WITH ANYONE AS YOU WILL BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ISSUES AT THE BASEBALL LAB.








1.     Every Member MUST register online for their time.  Members that show up and use facility without registering their time will have Membership suspended for 1 month.  2nd violation may lead to Membership being revoked.




2.     Any Member that fails to disarm the alarm properly and Novi PD is called to facility by alarm company will be responsible to pay and billed the $150 fee from the City. 




3.     Any Member that fails to arm alarm upon leaving (if the last one) will have Membership suspended for 1 month.  2nd occurrence may lead to Membership being revoked.




4.     Any Member that brings in another person who is not on Family plan, did not register online and pay $10 guest fee, or does not have a Membership will have Membership revoked. 









Standard Duration: 1 months (Open Ended Also Available)
Full Price($): $99.00
Monthly Price($): NA
Initiation Fee($): $10.00
Membership Includes
Location Rentals
Any Location - 30 minutes (31) per month2 per day - Off-peak Only - Schedule up to 4 days before