A Message from Maryland Twisters:

**Starting in July, coaches will assume responsibility for their own private lesson schedules. This means all recurring appointments will be scheduled by the coach.**

4/5/18: DUE TO A SYSTEM GLITCH AT ESOFT, YOU MUST USE THE "SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" BUTTON TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTS. You cannot book by clicking a time slot that is blue. eSoft is working to correct this issue.

 Welcome to our online booking system for private lessons! You can book a private lesson for 1 athlete or for 2 athletes sharing an hour. NOTE: Please see the Dashboard Message for the new procedure for shared privates starting in November!

Please remember if you need to cancel an appointment, you must do so by 6:00 a.m. the day before the private and you must cancel online. If you cancel a scheduled appointment before the 24 hour deadline, you will automatically receive a full credit on your account for future private lessons. If you do not cancel 24 hours ahead of time, no fees will be credited.

Thank you!

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