A Message from Maryland Twisters:

NOTIFICATION: Effective June 6th, Coach Melvin's prices will increase to $85 for 1 hour tumbling, $45 for half an hour tumbling, $45 for each athlete for half of a one hour shared, and $65 for a half hour stunt private.


If a coach cancels your private lesson with less than 24 hours notice, you will receive a credit for that payment PLUS a free private from that coach. Please make sure you let the office know within 24 hours that a coach canceled your private lesson. (Note: we are unable to retro-activiely credit accounts for past private lessons.) Your coach should notify you directly, however the appointment may not be canceled until the next day when the office staff gets in. The coach's notification of cancellation to you determines the 24-hour rule.

As always, if a coach cancels late, your account will be credited the amount you paid for the private lesson. Starting in April, in addition, your eSoft account will be credited the same amount to cover the free private. Example: Coach Mary cancels your hour private with less than 24 hours notice. You paid $65 for that private. You will get a credit for that $65 you paid AND your eSoft account will be credited another $65 to cover the free private. You will then be able to reschedule the canceled private at your convenience with any coach. (Please note: if at any time you decide you want a refund of any credits on your eSoft account, you will not receive a refund of any "free lesson credits".)

Athletes are required to give 24 hours notice to coaches when cancelling a private lesson. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, you will receive a full credit on your account to use for future private lessons. If you do not cancel 24 hours ahead of time, no fees will be credited.

Effective March 1st, 2022, we are no longer offering appointment reservations to hold future private lessons (i.e., unpaid reservations.) Parents are welcome to book ahead, but will be required to pay for each time slot at the time of booking. Coaches can no longer schedule appointments for clients; all appointments must be made online.


We ask all parents to drive one-way through the parking lot. Once you arrive at our front door (which will be on your left), continue in that direction to exit the parking lot. Even if you park and stay, please exit in the same direction, around the back of the building.


Do not park along the curb in back of cars in parking spots. Please be aware that our landlord will tow these cars that are parked illegally. Towing will be at the owner’s expense.

NEW STUNT PRIVATE POLICY, effective immediately:

In order to maintain the safety of our instructors and athletes, flyers must be height/weight proportionate to the instructor's size and physical strength (i.e., flying coed or all girl in the air). Since air safety is the primary concern, the gym reserves the right to determine the level of instruction. This means the lesson may include various ground bound stunt drills and balance/flexibility exercises as opposed to air drills.

 Welcome to our online booking system for private lessons! You can book a private lesson for 1 athlete or for 2 athletes sharing an hour. NOTE: Please see the Dashboard Message for the new procedure for shared privates starting in November!

Thank you!

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