A Message from North Whidbey Pool, Park & Recreation:

John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool is Open!

Facility Hours:

Monday-Friday 6:00-9:00 a.m. and 3:00-8:00 p.m.

Saturday 8:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. 




What to Expect:

• All patrons must enter through the front doors and check in at the front desk. Patrons will exit the facility using the double doors near the locker rooms.

• Masks are REQUIRED at all times, except when you are in the pool. Please put your mask on immediately upon exiting the water.

• Patrons and staff must maintain six feet of physical distance in all areas of the facility.

•  The locker rooms will be open for changing and restroom use. The requirements for masks and maintaining six feet of physical distance must be followed. Showers and lockers will not be available. Patrons who wish to change in the locker rooms are welcome to do so. After changing for the pool, please take all personal belongings on to the pool deck with you; we will have space for you put your things. No personal belongings are to be left unattended in the locker room.

• A maximum of two swimmers will be scheduled per lane for lap swim. Members of the same family may have more than two people in their lane if six feet of distance can be maintained between them and other people.

• Independent exercise and water walking may be done during lap swim. Please keep in mind, you will be sharing your lane with another person.

• For Open Swim, the pool will be divided into quadrants to allow more water play while maintaining physical distance.

• Reservations will be required. Lap swim will be scheduled in 30-minute time blocks and Open Swim in 1-hour time blocks. You may book more than one 30-minute lap swim block (for additional fee). Water Aerobics and Volleyball will be one hour. Reservations may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. Please call to let us know if you are unable to make your reservation time, so we can offer it to other patrons.

• A separate reservation and fee are required for hot tub use.

• Patrons must be 13 years of age or older to register for a lap swim lane without a parent or guardian.

• Spectators may enter the pool deck area if they maintain six feet of physical distance from others and pay admission. Handi-capable patrons may be assisted by a caregiver, if needed (no charge for the caregiver).




Single Session Admission Rates (per person):  

Lap Swim- $5 per 30-minute time block (You may book additional time blocks at $5 each)

Hot Tub - $5 per 30-minute time block (You may book additional time blocks at $5 each)

Water Aerobics & Vollebyall - $10 per class (1 Hour)

Open Swim: $10 per Swim (1 Hour)

Training (Kids' Wading) Pool- $5 per 30-minute time block (You may book additional time blocks at $5 each)

Please call us at 360.675.7665 if you have any questions. 

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