A Message from BatterUp CT:


  • Your user name is not your email.  It is generally the first initial of the parents first name followed by the last name. 
  • A welcome email is sent when the account is created that gives the user name and login information.  You may be able search and find the original email. 

If you are not able to login or need assistance please email memberships@batterupct.com for assistance.  If you are trying to book a cage please indicate the cage and time in the email and we can book it for your while we look into your account.



Any Member of BatterUp! that was an original member before we closed in March of 2020 will be locked into the original membership prices for the duration of your membership, even if your membership expired while we were closed. 

If you were previously a member and would like to renew your membership under the old rates please complete the form below:


First time visitor?  In order to purchase a service (book a cage, a lesson or sign up for a camp/class, etc.) at our facility, you must have a client account. Each new client will need to register by clicking the "Click here to register" link located at the bottom of the box to the right.   ----> 


*** It is advised that a parent register as the main user.  You may add a family member/members during your registration process or later, under the "My Account" tab after completing the registration process.


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