A Message from Woodhaven Swim Club, Inc.:

Welcome to Woodhaven's 2018 season!  The pool will be open 11:30am-9pm daily starting Saturday, May 26.  


Family members may only be removed by a system administrator.  Contact  the Membership Chair at stockanddues@woodhavenswim.com before registering to remove a family member. 

Please review the Membership Policy (found on our website, www.woodhavenswim.com) before adding new family members. Any family members added to a membership must follow this policy and are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.  Violation of this policy may result in foreiture of membership.  Contact the Membership Chair (stockanddues@woodhavenswim.com) for questions about the Membership Policy.


Members may pay either by credit card on this site or by check as before.  Either way, please be sure to fully complete the registration process all the way to the "Purchase Now" button, so the membership is activated.


We recommend all members choose to receive "promotional e-mails."  These are simply our member-wide communications regarding pool status, events, etc., and not advertisements.  It is also our primary means of contacting you regarding your membership.


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