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Server Maintenance may interfere with payment processing from 11:30PM - 1:30AM Pacific Time. Please book lessons before 11:30PM or after 1:30AM PT. If you experience any issues, please contact us at 503-439-9500 during regular business hours.




We understand busy schedules, so we keep our lesson scheduling simple and flexible:


You have the flexibility to reschedule any lesson, at any time, up until 24 hours before the start of your lesson. This allows your instructor to confidently plan their day around you and focus on teaching music. Within 24 hours of the beginning of your scheduled lesson, we are unable to provide refunds, reschedules, or make-up lessons for any reason, including illness. You can always send a friend in your place! We find this to be the perfect balance between providing you the flexibility you deserve and maximizing our professional instructors’ limited availability.


To get the most out of your lessons, make it a part of your weekly routine. We will hold the same time for you every week--all you have to do is prepay. We call this a VIP Reservation, and you can reserve one with a visit to our front desk. Simply renew your VIP Reservation by purchasing your next package of lessons on or before the day of your last purchased lesson (usually this means one week ahead of time). It is easy to pay by visiting or calling the front desk, or by logging in online. Renewing lets your instructor know to expect you at your regular weekly time. Best of all, you can still reschedule up until 24 hours before every lesson.

We understand holiday plans and long weekends (we love them ourselves). When your vacation and holiday plans come together, no matter how far out, let us know and we will update your lesson schedule. This allows other students a chance to book the time, and allows our instructors to do what they do best--teach music.

We strive to keep our scheduling simple, clear, and fair, so we can focus on providing the best musical education possible. Thank you for continuing to study with us!



--Your friends at Five Star Guitars

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