A Message from Stonegate Swim Club:

LUAU tickets are now available! Go to Web Store and select Tickets under Product Categories on the left.

For payments by check, please mail to:

Stonegate Swim Club

PO Box 10037

Silver Spring, MD 20914-0037


PLEASE remember to enter information for each member of your family. In addition, upload either a family photo or individual photos of each family member. This helps to ensure accurate and quick check-in by the lifeguards when you come to the pool. 


To reserve a gazebo, click on Scheduling>>Location Rental. Select the date you want to reserve, and then choose "Gazebos" under Location Types. Next, select 120 minutes as your Rental Duration. Click on the blue Shopping Cart to view the time that can be reserved.

Reminders when reserving a gazebo:

- Every member is limited to two reservations during "prime time" - Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.
-There is no limit for non-primetime reservations.
-Gazebos can be reserved for a 4-hour maximum. In this system, that requires two reservations of 120 minutes each.
-DO NOT consider your reservation final until you hear from us.
-Please contact social@stonegateswimclub.com with any questions.

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