A Message from Hospitality Creek Campground:

Hello and welcome to our new Swimclub Membership purchasing site  

New for 2020 is a $10 Gate Card Access deposit per vehicle.  We have installed a new gate system at the campground and all swimclub members must have a key card in order to operate the gates to enter and exit.  This is only a deposit and assuming of course you dont loose them, it will be refunded back to your card at the end of season when you turn them in. When you purchase your membership, be certain to add a key card deposit so we can have it activated, registered and ready for you on opening day.

Please note that its not every member that needs a key card but every vehicle.  So if you regularly use two vehicles, get two gate access passes.  Also new this year, instead of asking for your last name there will be a small barcode sticker under your inspection sticker that we will scan when you pull up.  This should help speed things up and as long as everyone has their gate cards and stickers on their vehicle, it absolutely will!

       To get started just hit "Click here to Register" and fill in one of the parents or adults information that will be joining.  If there will be no adult, just use the oldest childs info.  After you register, log back in, answer a few more questions and then you will be able to add the rest of your family that you will be purchasing memberships for. 

     If you are purchasing a mixture of seasonal memberships and weekday memberships it will have to be done in two different credit card transactions, three transactions if you get a locker.  BUT when you build your familys profile, include everyone and then you will just designate upon check out who will be the seasonal members and who will be the weekday members.

       Members will be required to upload a photo for identification and that will be how you are verified as a member and checked in.  Pictures can be uploaded at the time of purchase or at a later date.  Just please make sure it is done before your first visit this summer.

We hope everyone has a great rest of the winter and we will see you all soon!




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