A Message from Inside Corner Baseball LLC:

Inside Corner Baseball will be closed at least until April 7th. At that time we will await the words of governor Baker and make another decision at that time.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for these girls and boys to be stuck in the house everyday - while going through these trying times it’s important to put aside time for exercise. Building a strong body and mind helps boost your overall self confidence to handle whatever life brings. Now more than ever! 

To help play a tiny part in your day Coach Cormier is offering to review your pitching motion or your swing free of charge! To participate all you need to do find someplace you can throw and hit a ball, take a video clip (10 seconds max) then join the Hudle Technique app and share with me and join my team or send a video of your swing or pitching delivery to eric@insidecornerbaseball.com - I will reply with a review and a few drills to work on.  

Stay active and be sure to carve out some time to work on your mechanics and keep Work’n the Inside Corner! 

Stay safe everyone!

Coach Cormier

Thank you and take care!

Coach Cormier and the Inside Corner Baseball staff



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