A Message from True Blue Watersports:

NOTE:  We are in the process of restructuring private and group swim lessons for 2020.  The new availablity will be posted after January 1, 2020.  

True Blue is proud to announce that you can book swim lessons on-line.  

There are 2 Options:  

1.  Private swim lessons (one-on-one)  5 sessions -30 minutes  for $135. True Blue Watersports follows a curriculum based on self rescue and swim technique. 

2.  Starbabies -Group lessons where parents and children get in the pool with an instructor from ages 6 months to 4 years.   10 sessions --30 minutes for $149.

Cancellation Policy:  Lessons cancelled for any reason with LESS than 24- hour notice, will not be rescheduled or refunded. 

We are pleased that you have chosen to entrust us with yourself and your family! We look forward to providing you the service you deserve! Our goal is to ensure you can enjoy safety, comfort, and fun in the water.

If you are interested in the private swim lesson program , it consists of five 30 minute private lessons - that's one on one,  for $135, preferably with the same instructor.  It is important that you book 5 lessons, and as consecutively as possible for your child to get the most benefit from these 5 lessons with the same instructor.  


The Starbabies Program (from 6 months to 4 years) has grown rapidly this year and we are happy to say you now have the opportunity to sign up for our Starbabies Program through this site.  You can book Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.   We offer a 10 lesson package for $149. We look forward to working with your babies and toddlers through our Starbabies Program where they learn to be comfortable floating and submerging. 

First time visitor? Scheduling is as easy as:

  1. Create a Client Profile
  2. Buy a package of 5 swim lessons
  3. Schedule 5 lessons with an available instructor
  4. Apply the package (credits) to your shopping cart. 

If you need to cancel your lessons, you will get a "credit" to use toward another lesson, as long as you cancel 24 hours BEFORE the lesson.   

Again, thank you for choosing True Blue Watersports for all your water experiences! Our staff is always here to be of service to you and your family!

True Blue Watersports 

Cher Walker


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