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2020 Certificate Fee Increase and Assessment


The portal is now open for collection of the tenth and final certificate fee increase and assessment to pay for the new bathhouse and related facilities.  As a reminder, the membership authorized 10 payments of $310 per membership.  Each of these payments consists of a $240 certificate fee increase (which is added to the value of your certificate) and a $70 assessment.  If you have questions about whether you have prepaid the 2020 Certificate Fee Increase and Assessment, how to pay the amounts due, or your AFC eSoft Account Balance, please continue reading.   


What if I do not remember whether I have already paid?


Many members prepaid the 2020 certificate fee increase and/or assessment in prior years or at the time of paying 2020 dues.  If you do not remember whether you prepaid, please visit your AFC eSoft profile and view the "Bond History" and "Assessment Fee History" sections.  eSoft refers to your AFC Certificate as a “Bond”.  The Bond History is the amount you have paid into your AFC Certificate Fee.  If the Bond History shows a "remaining balance" of $240, you have not made the 2020 certificate fee increase payment of $240.  If the Assessment Fee History shows a "remaining balance" of $70, you have not made the 2020 assessment payment.  If you do not think the remaining balances are correct, email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org.


How do I pay the remaining balance that I owe?


If you have not paid the 2020 certificate fee increase and/or assessment, you may do so by: (1) logging into your AFC eSoft account, (2) clicking (click, once, do not use drop down menu) on the orange word Memberships, (3) Select the November 2020 payment option by clicking “sign up” for that option, (4) click “continue to payment,” (5) enter your credit card information or check the box to “mail” in a check, (6) check the membership agreement box, and (7) click purchase now.  If you chose the option to “mail” in a check, a link and instructions will be sent to the primary email address on your eSoft account.  Please use the link to pay by eCheck.  AFC has not accepted paper checks for several years.


Why does my AFC eSoft Account Balance show a balance of zero or a small amount?




Your AFC Account balance is the amount of credit you have with AFC.  This credit can be used to pay for tennis keys, classes, and snack bar purchases.  This is akin to a gift card balance with a retailer.  If your account balance is zero, that does not mean you do not owe current certificate fee increases or assessments, or future dues.  It simply means that you do not have credit available to use toward future purchases.



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