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November 1, 2018 Bath House Payment

Update.  The Nov 1 payment is now overdue.  A $50 late fee has been added and only credit card payments are accepted.  At this time, the late fee will display as "dues" (the 2019 eSoft model will display late fees as late fees but the updated version is not ready for rollout).

If you would like background on the November payments, scroll down.  The first section of these instructions explains how to make payment.  The second section explains how to check whether you have made payment.  The third section includes the background.  Any payments that have not been made, are due by November 1.  On November 2, the system will automatically add a $50 late fee and only credit card payments will be accepted.

How to make payment

If you have not yet paid the 2018 certificate fee increase, you may do so by clicking (click, do not use drop down menu) onn memberships.  Click sign up on the November 1 payment.  If you wish to pay by credit card, enter your credit card information, the bank fees that AFC is charged for credit card payments will be included in your total.  In order to accomodate members who do not wish to incur bank fees, we offer the option to pay by echeck.  Please read the instructions carefully.  If you wish to pay by echeck, click the pay by check option and click PURCHASE NOW.  An email will be sent to you with a link to pay by echeck.  DO NOT NAVIGATE TO THE PAYMENT LINK BEFORE CLICKING PURCHASE NOW IN ESOFT.  Only pay from the link you will receive by email.  Once you receive the link, follow the instructions to pay by echeck.  You may pay by echeck from any regular US checking account.  Mutual fund accounts, foreign bank accounts, and credit card "checks" are unlikely to work.  Please carefully type your account number and nine digit routing number.  We are charged a fee for each member who types in incorrect numbers.  If your echeck is rejected by your bank, you will then be required to pay by credit card and you will be responsible for the bank fees.

How to check whether I prepaid the November payment

eSoft has added a new feature that allows members to see how much they have paid in to their certificate to date and how much of the $700 assessment has been paid to date.  To view this, click on your Profile and scroll down.  The Bond History is your certificate fee history.  If the remaining balance is $720, you have not made the 2018 payment.  The Assessment Fee history shows the payments that have been made on this membership.  If the remaining balance is $210, the 2018 payment has not been made.  If you do not believe the remaining balance is correct, email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org.

Note, some members chose to prepay the assessment portion of the 2018 payment, and not the certificate fee increase, in this case, only the certificate fee increase ($240) is currently due.  Some members chose to prepay the certificate fee increase and not the assessment portion of the 2018 payment, in this case, only the assessment portion ($70) is due.  If you do not beleive the correct amount due is displayed, email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org.  Some members have prepaid all of the remaining certificate fee increases and assessments, and these members need not make any more November payments.


About eight years ago, the membership authorized a series of certificate fee increases and assessments to pay for the new bathhouse.  Each year, over a ten year period, each certificate-holding membership must pay $310.  Of this amount, $240 is a certificate fee increase (i.e., it increases the value of your certificate and will be recovered when you sell) and $70 is an assessment.  At the end of the 10-year period, each certificate will be worth $3,375.  This includes the amount paid in for the certificate upon initial purchase, and all of the certificate fee increases over the years.  Seven of the certificate fee increases and assessments have been paid.  The remaining three are due in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  Thus, prior to making the 2018 payments, $720 ($240 per year) remains due on the certificate fee increases and $210 ($70 per year) remains due on the assessments.  Of this amount $310 ($240 + $70) is due on November 1, 2018.


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