A Message from Arlington Forest Club:

Welcome to the AFC registration portal.  Please read this in its entirety before continuing to the next screen - there are a few quirks that you need to know about in order to avoid frustrations with the registration process.  All members must register online and pay electronically.

Note - while the pool does not open until mid-May and the kids teams and lessons start after that - Adult Tennis clinics start May 1.  You can register and pay for a six-pack of classes over a longer period of weeks.  Clinics are offered Mon-Thurs - click on shceduling and then camps and classes for more details.

The first time you log in, you will need to set up your account by entering address, phone number, email and other information. The entry of this information, as well as that regarding dependents (below) is a one-time process. Remember to click update to save any changes.

You will also need to add your dependents.  One member has already been listed, the spouse or domestic partner, and children may be listed as dependents.  Adult children living away from home (other than full time college students), and other individuals, may not be listed as dependents unless permission is granted - email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org to request such permission. AFC reserves the right to request proof of residence with the certificate holder before allowing individuals to be added to a membership. The improper listing of individuals as dependents may cause a membership to be suspended or forfeited. Remember to click update to save any changes.

You will be asked to choose tshirt and shorts sizes for each person - please complete these fields for a child if you are signing, or might, sign your child up for teams.

Your guest pass balance, rolled over from last year, will not display at the time of registration, but will be added shortly after your registration. Certificate holders and full summer renters with only 1-2 people listed on a membership will have 20 complimentary guest passes added to their account upon payment of dues.

Your "bond payment' or the amount you have paid in for your certificate may not display when you first register, but will be added later this year.

This year, use of this registration system may require you to conduct multiple transactions.  Next year you should be able to, as with our prior registration system, put dues, teams, lessons etc in a single "cart" and purchase them in a single transaction.  On the plus side, the new system will allow you to log in and see what you have registered for, allow you to check guest pass balances, and provide us with a better way to communicate with you.  Please bear with us during this year of transition.

Your first transaction will be to pay your 2017 dues.  To begin the process of paying dues, click on "membership."  When you pay dues, you will need to choose the appropriate membership category.  This is discussed on the dashboard on subsequent screens.  You may also purchase guest passes and a full summer babysitter pass (or, in the case of Aug/Sept renters, an Aug/Sept babysitter pass), in this transaction.  The first and last name of the babysitter must be listed - passes will not be issued for "Sitter" or "TBD."  If you have yet to hire your sitter, please purchase a babysitter pass once the sitter has been hired.  for certificate holders, tenants, and summer renters, partial summer babysitter passes must be purchased in a separate transaction, please email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org for details. 

As in prior years, certificate holders may prepay the November certificate fee increase/assessment.  The assessment with automatically display for certificate holders.  If you do not wish to prepay - we know this sounds odd, but - please choose "already paid."  In this system, "already paid" means "will pay later when it is due."  You may prepay the November certificate fee assessment as part of your first transaction (along with the payment of dues, full summer babysitter passes, and guest passes).

If you pay by credit card, the related bank fees will be added to your purchase.  The amount of the bank fees will display on your screen -  however you will not be charged these fees unless you are paying by credit card.  If you do not wish to pay these fees choose the "send" in a check option and you will be able to pay by eCheck with no fees. You will need to click the calculate total button and then the button at the bottom of the screen. Then choose the "send in a check option" check the membership agreement box and click purchase.  Please click purchase before paying by eCheck.  You will be sent a secure link to pay by eCheck.  Note, if you pay by eCheck, your membership will appear as "suspended" until the eCheck settles, which is generally in a day or two.

Under this new system, swim and dive team fees may be paid with eCheck by purchasing a "swim team membership" or "dive team membership" for each child.  (Again, click on membership to begin this transaction).  Under this option, you will save on bank fees (by paying with eCheck) but you will have to enter into a separate transaction to register each child.  After choosind the eCheck option DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK TO THE ECHECK PORTAL IMMEDIATELY.  Rather, click the check option, click the membership agreement box, and click purchase now/submit.  Your registration will not be complete unless you follow these steps.  Once you complete these steps, you will be emailed a secure link to pay by eCheck.  You may use a single one of the links generated to pay all fees (and dues) at once.  The format of the transaction is the same as for the payment of dues (above).  We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is the only way the system is currently set up to allow you to pay by eCheck.  If you plan to pay by credit card, please select camps and classes (under scheduling) and you can pay all team fees as well as lessons, events and tennis keys in a single transaction - however, bank fees will cause this to cost you more.

Tennis teams, tennis clinics, swim lessons, dive lessons, special events, and tennis keys are listed under Camps and Classes.  To register for these items, go to Scheduling and on the dropdown menu choose "camps and classes."  All of these items must be paid for using a credit card - next year eCheck will be an option for these items as well.  If you wish to pay for swim and/or dive team using a credit card, they are also listed here and, you may also add those fees to this cart and pay for them in this transaction as well.

Note - you must register for all teams, group lessons, and special events using this registration portal.  In the past a few members asked to be allowed to register for lessons onsite.  Under no circumstances will on-site registrations or payments be permitted.  You MUST register for all teams, lessons, clinics, and events using this portal and all payments must be made electronically.  Please do not put the instructors or board members in the awkward position of having to address requests for an exception.  There will be no exceptions to online registration and electronic payment. 


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