A Message from Arlington Forest Club:

Certificate Holders

If you have not paid the Ninth Annual Bathhouse Certificate Fee Increase/Assessment, it is due on November 1, 2019.  To make the payment click on memberships (click, do not use drop down menu).  Click on the Ninth November Payment option.  Click sign up.  If you wish to pay by eCheck, click the option to pay by check and a link do do so will be emailed to the primary email listed in your profile.

To check whether you have already made the ninth certificate fee increase and/or assessment, please visit your profile.  The "Bond History" reflects the certificate payments made to date, the "assessment history" reflects the assessment payments made to date.  If anything looks amiss, please email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org. 

Receiving Official AFC Communications

Why does my profile contain a question asking if I want to receive emails from eSoft refer to “promotional” emails?  Most of eSoft’s other pools do not have the benefit of a lengthy waitlist and they send marketing emails to increase membership.  As the result, the check box in your profile that allows eSoft to send emails refers to “promotional” emails.  Although AFC does not send marketing emails, the box allowing for “promotional” emails must remain checked if you wish to continue to receive email reminders, notices of meetings, etc.


What does the Account Balance in eSoft refer to?

The account balance is how much credit you have with AFC that you can use to fund purchases – AFC has been informally calling this AFC Buck$.  You may have a positive balance in this account if you cancelled a class and were given a refund or if you made an overpayment.  You may also have a positive balance in this account if you clicked on “fund account” and added money to your account.  Your account balance may be used to pay for anything under Camps and Classes.  AFC may allow use of AFC Buck$ for snack bar purchases in 2020, stay tuned for more information.  eSoft does not currently allow the Account Balance to be used for dues, certificate fee increases, or assessment payments.  If your account balance is zero, that means that you do not have any credit available for use in making purchases.  If you wish to have a redund of the account balance, email membership@arlingtonforestclub.org.



Waitlist Members 


Welcome to the AFC registration portal.  You may upated your profile.  Registration for swim and dive classes is not available at this time.  You may not register for a membership until invited to do so by the membership managers.




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