A Message from Lake Kandle:


Welcome to Lake Kandle's Online Registration page!

By clicking "Click here to Register" under the login box, you have the opportunity to create a Lake Kandle family profile where you can make payment for membership.

If you were a member last season, you already have a log-in and it is usually your email address without the "@ portion".

A few important notes:

  • Can be used to make payments toward membership, locker, and seasonal campsite. Please refer to your Lake Kandle statement for correct balance information. Once payment level is satisfied for membership, the summer membership will be activated with confirmation email once reviewed and processed.
  • Please make sure you have reviewed the rates and rules prior to registering.
  • Family membership is limited to spouse and legal dependent children
  • If you have already made payments offline, they will not appear on your online profile.
  • Refer to Lake Kandle's emailed statement for accurate billing.
  • Please direct any questions to Jace Kandle at wjkandle4@gmail.com

Thank you for your cooperation!

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