A Message from Rama Swim and Racquet Club:

Welcome to the 2018 season! We are moving to a fully online payment system this year. Instructions can be found in the Rama Gram; however, if you have any questions please reach out at ramaswimclub@gmail.com.


A few important reminders.

  • Pool memberships (Family, Standard, Senior) will be discounted 10%, if both the dues and the assessment are paid in full by Feb. 28.
  • Membership fees must be paid before you will be granted access to the swim club.
  • Members who sign up before March 1 will have the option of spreading 2018 dues into 3 payments that can be charged to your credit card on the first of March, April and May. Members who do not act by March 1 will not be eligible for the payment plan. As a reminder, you must may in full by February 28 to receive the 10% discount.


Pool Membership Classifications - Please ensure the members on your account are in compliance with the following criteria.

Family: Adults, who live in the same household, and dependents under age 21.

Standard (formerly Individual/Couple): An individual or two people who live in the same household.

Senior: An individual or two people, one of whom is at least 65 years old, who live in the same household.

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