A Message from Marucci Clubhouse Orlando:

Welcome to Marucci Clubhouse Orlando!!!

We are glad you have chosen to give us a try! We look forward to providing you the service you deserve! 

First time visitor?  In order to purchase a service (book a cage, a package or purchase a membership) at our facility, you must have a client account. Each new client will need to register by clicking the "Click here to register" link located at the bottom of the box to the right.   ----> 

*** It is advised that a parent register as the main user.  You may add a family member/members during your registration process or later, under the "My Account" tab after completing the registration process.

Be sure to purchase a membership - only members will be able to book online with us!

Membership Notes:

1.There is no membership sharing allowed.  Non-Members are not allowed to use the private member facility in any form regardless if there is cage vacancy or not.  This includes but is not limited to cages, tees, bullpens, technology etc.  Any member allowing a non-member to participate in any activity other than throwing BP will have their membership terminated and forfeit all fees.

2.All instructors must be members.  No member can bring their own private instructor into the member area without them being a member.  All instructors need to provide the appropriate amounts of insurance as required by Marucci, Auer Enterprises and Team27 Ventures LLC.

3.EVERY MEMBER MUST USE THEIR OWN FINGERPRINT TO ACCESS THE BUILDING.  DO NOT HOLD OPEN DOORS FOR ANYONE INCLUDING OTHER MEMBERS REGARDLESS IF YOU KNOW THEM OR NOT.  Any member holding open doors will be subject to membership termination and forfeit all fees.  All members must always be accounted for through our access system.

4.Membership is not ownership.  The clubhouse membership is like any golf course or gym membership.  Members must care for all equipment and technology.  Members must return all equipment to its original spot and leave all cages ready for the next member.  Remember to log out of HitTrax machines and turn off the HitTrax computer if you are the last person in the member area.  Turn off all lights if you are the last person in the member area.

5.RESERVE YOUR TIME EACH DAY.   As we continue to near 100 members, it is becoming increasingly important for members to book their allotted one hour per day.  While members are always welcome to walk in when there are empty cages, members who reserve time will always have priority.

6.HitTrax Cages are professionally set up and clearly marked with black sharpie on the turf mats and turf.  DO NOT MOVE THE HOME PLATES, MATS and NEVER TOUCH or MOVE the RED SENSORS.  We paid HitTrax to come to the Clubhouse to set these cages up and they are calibrated.  DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING IN THESE CAGES

7.Garage door will be closed at the end of business hours each day for your security.


8.Music runs 24/7 and will run appropriate playlists that are approved by the Director of Marucci Clubhouses




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