League Details: HitTrax League High School


HitTrax Tournament/League Rules




1.     Games are 30 minutes or a max of 6innings

2.     No new inning can start after 25minutes

3.     Games can end in atie

4.     Teamsmusthaveatleast2playerspresentatthestartofthegameoritresultsinan8-0forfeit.

5.     The number of players in the lineup must be set at the start of the game and cannot be changed.Ifateamchoosestostartthegamewithplayersfromtheirrosterthatarenotpresent, those players will record an automatic out until theyarrive.

6.     Each team will play a double header eachweek.

7.     The last week of a season is a Home Run Derby and Single EliminationPlayoffs.

8.     Teams will be seeded prior to the playoffweek.


In Game Rules

1.     Helmets must be worn at alltimes

2.     There will be one Ballpark staff acting as an umpire throughout thegame

3.     All calls by the umpire arefinal

4.     All results by the HitTrax arefinal

5.     There is nobunting

6.     Thehittingteamisresponsibleforpickingupballsinatimelymanneraftertheir½inning

7.     AnyballthatisputinplaythatisnottrackedbyHitTraxwillbereplayedwiththesamecount.

8.     Foul balls or obvious strikes that are not recorded by HitTrax will be marked asstrikes.

9.     Any pitch that does not register ball or strike will be replayed with the current count.

10.  Any ball that is put in play that does not register will be replayed with the current count.

11.  Thereiszerotoleranceforquestioningcalls,foullanguage,tauntingorthrowingofbatsor helmets.Thistypeofbehaviorwillresultintheejectionoftheplayerfromthegame

12.  Bat Restrictions: All metal/composite bats must meet the High School BBCOR standards. All wood (non-composite) bats are permissible.

13.  If a ball is put in play, and registers with HitTrax as a hit, out, or foul ball, that ruling is final.

14.  Machine placed at 42', speed adjusted for age

Age/Grade: Grade(s) 9 - 12
Team Size: 0
Team Price(Full): $0.00
Open Team Spots: 4
Team Spots Filled: 0
Team Sign Up Deadline: June 1, 2020
Individual Sign Up Deadline: May 1, 2020