League Details: Baseball Hitting League (Ages 10-12)

Six team indoor hitting league.  Get swings in a fun and competitive environment!  Six game minimum.  Hour long games played Thursday and Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings/early afternoon beginning November 19th and running through December.  Double headers on weekends.  Five weeks with playoffs starting December 17.  Some scheduling flexibility for teams needing specific days/times.

Six man teams for players 10-12 years of age, compete off of pitching machine and accumulate points.  Teams may consist of more than six players, but only six players max will bat each inning.  Opposing team plays in the field and can rob hitting team of points, so get defensive work too!  

Cost works out to only $15 per player per game.  

Who can get six players together to become the Champion of the Sports City Indoor Hitting League!



Age/Grade: 10 - 12
Dates: Nov 19, 26 Dec 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 21, 22, 23  
Team Size: 6
Team Price(Full): $540.00
Open Team Spots: 0
Team Spots Filled: 5
Team Sign Up Deadline: November 17, 2016
Individual Sign Up Deadline: November 17, 2016