League Details: High School ISL 2022: Mid-February

The 2022 High School Indoor Softball League will consist of four teams for the high school division. Each team will receive a set schedule once all four teams have registered through the ESOFT system.


HS GAMES: Fridays & Sundays


Each team will have 30 minutes to warm up on the dirt before their doubleheader. 

When:Febraury 18 - March 12 

Games: 8-game guarantee 

League Cost: $1699

Umpire Cost: Pay-at-the-plate $20.00 per team per game.

*Up to 12 players per team, 3 Coaches.

Sign Up by February 4

TO FORM A TEAM, HAVE A TEAM MANAGER/ “COACH” CREATE A TEAM ON ESoft. The coach can then share their TEAM CODE with the remaining players and register. NOTE: The coach can be anyone with an ESoft account, including a player on the team. After creating the team, they must sign up again as a player by entering their team code and completing registration.




Four weeks of competitive fun!

Due to COVID-19, One spectator per player is allowed to watch.  We will do our best to stream each game via a live stream platform. Livestream links will be provided at the Coaches meeting which will be schedules as we approach the play-days. 

Contact Information: 

Director/On-Site Coordinator: Joyce Arcand- jwarcand@planetfastpitch.com 


Scheduling/Billing: Deb Dempsey- planetfp.ops@gmail.com

Age/Grade: 14 - 18
Dates: Feb 18, 19, 25, 26 Mar 4, 5, 11, 12  
Team Size: 0
Team Price(Full): $1699.00
Team Price(Deposit): $350.00
Full Payment Deadline: February 17, 2022
Open Team Spots: 0
Team Spots Filled: 4
Team Sign Up Deadline: February 17, 2022
Individual Sign Up Deadline: February 17, 2022