HP Throwing Program

Program designed for high level High School players 

HP Throwing Program


Program runs from Oct. 3rd 2022-March 12th 2023.  


3x per week for 2 hrs per session.   Athletes will also be allowed use of facility on 4th day on own  for any other throwing needs.


Mon/Wed/Fri  4-6pm and 5-7pm or Tues/Thur/Sat 3:30-5:30pm, 4:30-6:30pm and 5:30-7:30pm  Saturdays times TBD. (Will be 3-5, 4-6 and 5-7 Jan-Mar.  Oct-Dec times will vary on Saturdays. 


There will be multiple classes each day, athletes will be able to sign up for different days if there are conflicts on specific days.  12 players per group and sessions will be instructed by 3-4 coaches. 


Throwing portion will run 1 hr per session.  Strength training portion will be 1 hr per session with 2SP trainers @ HP facility.  


Initial Assessments will be done in August 2022.   This is so we can get a baseline of where athletes are in their throwing before they shut down or take time off in the fall ie: other sports, travel, end of season.  Athletes will complete a questionnaire to allow us to better understand the athletes past, their wants and needs moving forward, and to help us properly program them in the upcoming offseason. 


Athletes will go through a physical assessment by 2SP for mobility and strength.  Athletes will then throw either a bullpen on Trackman for pitchers, or from their position for non pitchers.  We will use Trackman data to get an understanding of where the athletes velocity, spin rates and what their arsenal of pitches looks like.  A portion of the athletes throws will be recorded using an Edgertronic Camera and iPhone with ProplayAI  for BioMechanical breakdown.


All athletes will then be programed through Driveline TRAQ specifically to their needs.  Most athletes will then go through some kind of “shut down” phase  from throwing for the remainder of August and September. During October, athletes will be working on movement patterns (mechanics)  and any deficiencies they have in mobility and or strength.  Athletes will not start throwing until November, potentially later for some athletes. 


The following is an overview and breakdown of the program.  



Oct 3rd -Nov. 6th (5 weeks) Movement patterns, Mobility Work 


Nov. 7th- Dec. 4th  (4 weeks) ON RAMP Throwing Program


Dec. 5th- Jan 22nd (7 weeks) Velocity Building Phase, Long Toss  


Jan. 23rd -March 12th (7 weeks) Bullpens, Pitch Design or Positional Work 


Each athlete will have a prescribed mobility routine, warm up routine, band work with J-bands, Core Velocity Belt drills,  and post throwing recovery routine. 

MB mound drills will be implemented for pitchers and MB positional drills will be implemented for position players. 

Throwing program will consist of Driveline protocols and drills. Plyo care drills and long toss.  


All pens will be thrown on Trackman and Rapsodo.  Through data from initial assessment pen we will help each athlete attack what is needed most in their arsenal .  Use of Rapsodo INSIGHT and Edgertronic will be used for pitch design sessions.  


Our overall goal is to help athletes stay healthy, throw harder, and be ready to compete at the start of the HS season.  


Registration Fee: $500


$480 per month from  October-Febuary. 


Total Cost:  $2,900.00. 


Per hr rate is $22. 


Once athlete is registered online, we will reach out to schedule assessment.  Please contact Kyle Fedorka at HP for any questions or concerns.  



Price: $500.00
Sign Up Deadline: November 22, 2022
Ages: 14 - 21
Date(s): Mar 11
Times: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
*To receive a credit on your account, you must cancel on or before: Aug 15, 2022 6:00am