Weekend Session D - Levels 1&2 (Note days/times) - FRIDAY 5:00-5:35, SATURDAY 9:00-9:35, SUNDAY 11:00-11:35

Level 1: Intro to Water Skills
For children 3 years and up who have little or no previous experience or for children who are not yet getting their faces wet.
Level 1 participants will learn to:
-Enter and exit the water safely
-Submerge mouth, nose, and eyes
-Exhale underwater through mouth and nose (blow bubbles)
-Open eyes underwater and pick up submerged item on bottom
-Begin prone (front) and back float
-Begin flutter kick
-Enjoy and feel comfortable in the water
-Jump off side of pool

Level 2: Fundamental Water Skills
For children 3 years old and up who are secure with fundamental skills and are comfortable getting their faces wet and going underwater.
Level 2 participants will learn to:
-Exit water safely using ladder or side
-Blow bubbles while submerging head (bobbing)
-Roll over front to back and back to front
-Prone (front) and back float with glide
-Change direction of travel on front or back
-Begin swimming on front and back using arms and legs with support
-Tread water



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Times: 5:00 - 5:35 pm
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