Saturday Night Scrimmage Game

Saturday Night Scrimmage Game Information

2022-23 Indoor Season


Saturday Night Scrimmage Game Details


-         Scrimmage Game Cost: $150


-         The HIT Squad Umpire: $30 per Game


-         Full Field Rental and Two (2) Batting Cages with Tee Stations


-         Payment due at time of booking the scrimmage game on ESoft Planner.


-         Certificate of Liability Insurance required prior to any scrimmage games for all outside teams and organizations.


Additional Insured:          

Lancaster-Depew Baseball League                 

175 Pavement Road

Lancaster, NY 14086


-         Every effort to be made to socially distance of six (6) feet.


-         No early travel team arrivals and only one (1) spectator per player allowed inside the facility.


Please note one (1) of the safety measures need to be taken for pitchers during indoor scrimmage games:


-         “L” Screen Used




-         Batting Helmet Worn by Pitcher




-          Softie Tee Balls Used

Price: $150.00
Sign Up Deadline: February 4, 2023
Ages: 8 - 16
Date(s): Feb 11
Times: 8:00 - 9:30 pm
*To receive a credit on your account, you must cancel on or before: Feb 4, 2023 7:00am