5-Week Slapper's Club: SESSION I - Saturdays 4-5pm

5-week Slapper's Club

This 5 week program is developed and aimed for beginners wanting to learn the skill and progress up to becoming a triple threat! Join us as you learn this skill from a trusted collegiate coach experienced in training slappers. This program will start by teaching footwork fundamentals and the initial mechanics of slap hitting. We will transition from tee work, into drills, then front toss. Students will then be encouraged to register for the second Session to develop more advanced skills. Keeping it fun, informative, and competative, a max of 12 dedicated and determined lefties will learn the coveted and feared skill of slap hitting.  

Session I - We will focus on the foundation of slapping: footwork, timing, and hands. Utilizing Tee work and drills, we will solidify our mechanics

MAKE UP DATE:  ONLY held if CANCELLATION from Planet Fastpitch due to weather or unforeseen circumstance.

Price: $225.00
Sign Up Deadline: February 12, 2022
Ages: 1 or older
Times: 4:00 - 5:00 pm
*To receive a refund you must cancel on or before: Feb 12, 2021 1:00am