A Message from Maryland Twisters:

Starting in July, Coaches will be responsible for scheduling their own private lesson availability in eSoft. This means the gym will no longer carry over recurring private lessons as reservations. Coaches will need to schedule all recurring appointments, OR athletes will need to go online to eSoft and book and pay for their private lessons directly.

4/5/18: DUE TO A SYSTEM GLITCH AT ESOFT, CLIENTS MUST USE THE "SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT" BUTTON TO BOOK THEIR APPOINTMENTS. They cannot book by clicking a time slot that is blue. eSoft is working to correct this issue.

Please check your email for more details: Beginning in November, one-hour shared privates will be scheduled as 1/2 hour segments billed at $35 per half hour. Each athlete must book their own 1/2 hour. Two athletes who want to share an hour private must each book their own 1/2 segment back to back.

We will no longer offer 1/2 hour shared privates for tumble or stretch.

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