A Message from Brand New Ballgame LLC:

Welcome Instructors and Front Desk Staff to our new online schedule software!

Instructors this will be great for you as you are able to enter and edit your availability directly.  You can also see your schedule and choose to get text and or email reminders of your upcoming schedule.  PLEASE NOTE: If you select the reminders you MUST still look at your schedule the morning of.  Clients will be able to book lessons online with 8HRs notice or more.  Ex. an 8:30PM lesson will be available to be booked until 12:30pM.  SO if your email reminder comes in at 6pm or 6am as it offers there could still be lessons that get added in.  Employees are able to book lessons up until the time of the lesson but if they book a same day lesson they will call you as always!


For the front desk staff this software will hopefully help to cut down on some calls so you can focus on the customers in the facility.  As people are learning the software you will receive many questions so be sure to have both the staff and client side up to be able to assist and walk them through.  Once the schedule goes live on 10/11/16 we will exclusively use the new software which means everyone will need to get added to the software and be told about all its great features.  Speaking of great features everything the customer does on their end is prepaid so no more no call no shows and if they cancel with less than 24 hrs the software is smart enough to not give a refund.  You can now blame it on the software!   REMEMBER:  If you book same day lessons at the beginning or end of someone's schedule you must call them!  More to come!

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