Training Program

How to Create a Training Program for Your Team

Does your facility host its own sports teams, such as select soccer, elite baseball, or all-star cheerleading? You know that most practice time often focuses on team strategy, preparation for upcoming events, and other sport-specific drills.

Unfortunately, pure physical conditioning is not emphasized enough. It’s treated as a checkmark on a list — something to take care of at the beginning or end of practice.

Your team should focus on both sports-specific training and play-centered drills! Here are some outstanding benefits of creating a sports performance training program specifically for each of your teams.

The Many Benefits of Sports Performance Programs

Your players are at greater risk for injury and burnout as competitive seasons take up more and more of the year. What should successful sports performance programs focus on to combat this risk? Improved strength, speed, agility, and confidence — these fundamental fitness techniques keep teams healthy.

Team-specific sports performance programs are also a selling point for the team itself. Sports performance programs are a great way to gain revenue throughout the year and cross-promote other programming at your facility. Players should get special access and discounted rates on this type of program, if you also offer it to the general public.

Other sports performance program benefits for teams include:

  • Team bonding. Put players in a new, less competitive atmosphere. Get them out of their defined roles and change up the team dynamic. This strategy encourages players to interact and bond in new ways.
  • Improved athletic performance. Sport-specific skills (such as throwing or passing a ball) improve as players get stronger and more agile.
  • Injury prevention. Repetitive sport-specific movements can cause strain. Increasing general strength and learning proper change of direction and deceleration techniques help prevent possible injury.
  • Improved mental performance. Players struggling with various sport-specific skills may excel in sports-performance training. Strength and speed training are great ways to track tangible improvements over time. Players build confidence, which can improve actual gameplay.

For More Information

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