Is there a setup fee for eSoft Planner?

We assign every new eSoft Planner client a personal customer success rep to take you through the software, make sure it’s set up in the best way possible for your business, and help you get started. For that, we charge a one-time setup fee, which varies based on how many software features you use and …

What type of upfront commitment is required to start using eSoft Planner?

Part of what makes eSoft Planner special is our dedication to providing personal service from a team that understands your business needs. We work intensively with each new client to make sure eSoft Planner is a good fit for them and that the software is set up properly. That’s why we require a 7-month minimum …

Do I need a web site to use eSoft Planner?

Yes. A web site is essential for any business in today’s digital world. If you don’t have a web site, we can help you get started, or we can even build one for you (our clients get special discounts on web development). Having a powerful web site unlocks the full potential of all of eSoft …