How do I correct a failed membership payment? (memberships module only)

If one of your members’ payments fails, you’ll need to make a manual payment to replace the one that was missed. Log in on the staff side, then go to the client’s account (you can find it by searching for their name in the clients list). Then, click “Memberships” in the submenu and click the …

Can I accept payments online?

eSoft Planner was built around the best practice of accepting online payments, which saves businesses time and money and adds customer convenience in the process. With eSoft Planner, your clients will be able to log in to their own accounts and pay from home – even when your facility is closed.

Can I use my current bank and credit card processor?

All web-based applications that accept payments require a payment gateway to encrypt payments and a credit card processor to send the payment to your bank account. eSoft Planner requires the payment gateway Authorize.net, the most common gateway in the world. Authorize.net can connect to any credit card processor. You can use your existing processor if …