How do I add a new feature or module?

As an eSoft Planner client, you never need to pay for version upgrades or security updates to your existing software features. However, if you want to add something new (for example, if you want to introduce a new membership program and don’t have the membership module), just reach out to your account success manager, or …

How can I distribute special benefits to different client groups?

One of eSoft Planner’s most powerful features allows you to group clients together and give them perks such as advanced scheduling and discounts. Administrators can create and edit these groups by going to “Profile/Setup” in the main menu and then selecting “Pricing/Discount Levels.” You can optionally specify how much money any client has to spend …

How do I correct a failed membership payment? (memberships module only)

If one of your members’ payments fails, you’ll need to make a manual payment to replace the one that was missed. Log in on the staff side, then go to the client’s account (you can find it by searching for their name in the clients list). Then, click “Memberships” in the submenu and click the …